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SWERVE Fitness

SWERVE Fitness

SWERVE is a new indoor cycling studio opened, November 9th 2013, in the heart of NYC’s Flatiron District at 30 West 18th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.

The SWERVE workout is all about the team, the group, the peloton. Each class is a team inspired indoor cycling workout where the room is divided into three sections and colors forming teams of green, red, and blue. Throughout the workout teams compete against each other over hills, intervals and sprints, for the highest SWERVE SCORE (total energy output in kJ) = the sum of watts ( joules per sec) divided by 1,000, adding a new layer of fun and energy to each ride.

The SWERVE method is built around high intensity interval training (HIIT) and resistance training to build muscle and burn calories more effectively.

SWERVE is focused on incorporating technology into their workout to enhance the experience. The studio features state-of-the-art Schwinn bikes and technology that tracks each team’s performance, which is then displayed on interactive scoreboards. Only the team score is displayed in class, but individuals can view their own personal statistics on the bike’s console and track them over time on their SWERVE dashboard and account online. Tracking metrics such as distance traveled, average RPM and energy output (watts) not only encourages riders to set goals but also to work harder to achieve them.”

Co-founded by childhood friends, Chelsea Kocis, John Henry McNierney, and Eric Posner, Swerve’s foundation and concept stems from the trio’s shared passion for sports and fitness. Throughout their years working here in NYC at high level corporate jobs, Chelsea, John Henry, and Eric would often reconnect or entertain clients over group fitness-for fun and networking. Looking to shift gears from the corporate grind, the three fitness enthusiasts analyzed the marketplace and fused what was missing with what they love about fitness, to pursue their passion and launch SWERVE. The idea for SWERVE and overall philosophy for the studio is empowerment and motivation through team training, camaraderie, and bonding over exercise.

-Team competition: Team structure motivates people to do more, together.
-Rewards Program: Earn a point for every mile biked and redeem those points for free classes, cycling apparel and gear.
-Smoothie bar: Socialize with friends, colleagues, and clients or meet new people before or after class. SWERVE is also the perfect place to host an event because of their unique space.
-Custom Teams -Individuals can sign up and join any of the SWERVE teams or create their own groups of 6 or more to form their own team and their team’s name will be added to the scoreboard

**Complimentary shoe rental with every class**
1 Class = $30
5 Class Package = $145 ($29 per class)
10 Class Package = $270 ($27 per class)
20 Class Package = $520 ($26 per class)